Why a T.P.O Roofing System is a great choice

It is important to know that T.P.O roofing systems need to be installed by T.P.O roofing contractors, because they have the experience and know-how with this type of roofing material. Pancho’s Roofing LLC. Shows you a thing or two you need to know about T.P.O Roofing systems and why you need to hire our T.P.O roofing contractors.

T.P.O single-ply roofing membrane also known as Thermoplastic Polyolefin System is said to be the fastest growing roofing product for both commercial and industrial roofing developments.  It is a family member of the rubber roofing materials. T.P.O roofing is a heat reflective type of roofing system and it is known to be energy efficient.  TPO sheets are a combination of polypropylene and ethylene propylene polymers; they are reinforced with polyester once they are combined. They also contain flame retardants, UV absorbers, and many other properties to achieve the desired material.  Sheets are usually anywhere in between 5 to 13 feet wide and 42 to 104 mils thick. Seams are not an issue because they are sealed, and mostly seen in white color.

Ever since it first started back in the 80’s in Europe, T.P.O system is becoming more and more popular in the US.  Because of its characteristics, it is more commonly seen in commercial properties which are fire resistant, energy efficient, UV protection, ecofriendly and any other characteristics.  One of the main reasons why T.P.O roofing system is becoming more popular is because it is a green material; it can easily be recycled with other plastics once you change your roofing system.

Pancho’s Roofing LLC. is the best choice when it comes to T.P.O roofing contractors; we deliver experience, expertise and high quality along with great prices that fit your budget.  This type of roofing services need to be done by T.P.O roofing contractors that have vast experience if you want the best results. Call us now to schedule a visit.