What Causes A Saggy Roof?

If one thing is certain it is that your roof line should always be straight. It your roof line has any curves or dips, we hate to say it but, your roof has a problem. Some sagging roofs are caused by serious matters while others you can handle on your own; let’s find out what’s going on with your roof.

Look for signs of sagging on the exterior of your home even if it is not noticeable and then proceed to the interior. When on the inside of your residence, check for any cracks on your wall finish or on the ceiling.

If weight accumulates on your roof you can expect for pressure to be added on hence the hangers will loosen from the beam and the exterior walls will pull outward- - the result of this? Well, a sagging roof. If rafter ties are not properly installed you can also expect for a saggy roof to happen.

Another thing you must watch out for is the beam- - is it properly nailed? If it is not, then most likely your roof is sagging because of this reason. Problems will also occur if the beam is the wrong size or has any defect.

In a great array of cases that we have seen, sagging roof problems happen when the shingles were not installed properly. When shingles weren’t installed as they should have been, water begins to seep in hence the sag. Majority of cases have nothing to do with the frame of your house- - this is a good thing. If your frame is intact and the reason for sagging is bad installation, the good news is that this can easily be repaired.

Never forget that a saggy roof must be evaluated by a professional and not treated as Do It Yourself project. A professional will evaluate your sagging roof from top to bottom and then develop the [perfect strategy on how to go about repairs. For an untrained individual, repairing a saggy roof is a difficult task- - for a professional it is easy.