What can TPO reroofing do for your property?

Today at Pancho’s Roofing we would like to bring to your attention what TPO roofing is and what it can do to your property. It is a conventional opportunity to apply in your ceiling for protection and heating insulation. Our team carries a lot of experience handling the different set ups available for you to get the best of your investment, and at the same time to obtain for you a long lasting rooftop system.

Re-roofing systems on membrane like TPO roofing system installation have proven to be an excellent way to extend the life of a rooftop. When the cover sheet starts having infiltrations or requires continuous maintenance to repair leaks, penetrations, gaskets and seals, then the option of TPO membrane resolves it at once and for all the requirements of maintenance and replacement of the metal cover.

For this blog entry we would like to also talk about TPO roofing system installation and the option of applying it over an existing metal rooftop. Here are a few steps to take into consideration when your contractor is onsite prepping for the job:

The installation procedure is simple!

  • Part of expanded polystyrene or TPO roofing system installation filled with flutes or spaces between ridges on the sheet, regardless of what type it is.
  • Subsequently insulation boards or plates which may be expanded polystyrene high density (HD-EPS) are anchored.
  • Once anchored to the roof insulation, a TPO membrane 45 or 60-mil thick, mechanically anchored on the sheet is installed or idlers.

At the end a renewed roof that will extend the service cover 10 to 20 years is obtained one your TPO roofing system installation is done. The system is approved against wind suction and against fire hazards. The right installation process is usually CRRC certified system (Cool Roof Building Council) for high reflectivity. Improved soundproofing building and substantially increases the insulating capacity ceiling as to heat (minimum R-14).

In case of accidental punctures, the repair is so simple that only a patch kit is required to keep your TPO roofing system installation from any hole in the future to introduce the system.

Here is a few items that we use when we perform your TPO roofing installation:

  • TPO membrane re-roofing over existing sheet
  • TPO membrane 45 or 60-mil
  • Polisocyanurate thermal insulation, XPS or EPS
  • Bra plate for insulation
  • Bra plate for TPO Membrane
  • Filling trays in high density EPS
  • Existing sheet type splined, or wallboard

Here at Pancho’s Roofing we hope that this entry served well and that you might be interested into bringing TPO roofing system installation to your property. Our staff is here to answer all your queries, so ask for a free estimate today!