Improve your rooftop with the right TPO roofing repair

TPO refers to thermoplastic polyolefin and it is commonly used as a roofing membrane to protect and improve the way your rooftop performs against heat, harsh weathering and other elements. But even this type of roofing might need enhancement, for this Pancho’s Roofing is a company that is prepared to take in your TPO roofing repair.

Are you having trouble with a patching?

The most common way to approach a patching issue for TPO roofing repair is by simply welding the seams, but it isn’t something that all home owners should perform. Our team at Pancho’s Roofing is sure to recommend the use of professional help whenever a patch trouble comes abroad. For this your contractor should need:

  • Hot-air welding tool
  • 1SF of patching material
  • Direct connection to electricity

This might sound pretty easy huh? But what if your patching material to suit your TPO roofing repair is no longer commercially available?

For this we would recommend as an alternative solution for your patching issues to use asphalt mastic. But with this solution you have to know that in the long run this isn’t the best or adequate solution.

Clean your surface first!

For all TPO roofing repair or other enhancements your contractors should guarantee that the surface is impeccably clean. If not all the efforts to repair your rooftop will be useless. Contaminants might harm the entire work you plan to repair, so it is a must to clean the surfaces from any dirt or residues with a specialized cleanser.

Be careful and avoid oxidation from harming your rooftop!

Pancho’s Roofing is an accomplished team ready to take your request for TPO roofing repair or installation right away. We carry a lot of experience in the roofing department, so we guarantee you 100% quality.