Eaves for windows and patio covers help you save energy!

Although most people love the warm weather, there are days when you can not stand the heat, luckily there are several ways to keep your house and commercial property cool during hot temperatures. Pancho’s Roofing is a company that goes the extra mile to accomplish your patio cover installation!

Patio covers are a great solution that not only works, but that are also economical and environment friendly. For example, a way to stay cool in the summer is to install an canopy or eave up the windows and terrace areas.

An eaves for windows is a kind of outer cover that protects the top of the windows, just like a patio cover installation acts as a visor projecting from the wall and protecting from blistering sunrays. Some houses even have a large overhang extending through the housing side, the side where the sun shines more. This cover or overhangs for windows are an old school solution that is very effective.

Eaves reduce direct sunlight approximately from 55 to 77% of the heat, it also blocks UV rays that can damage floors, furniture and interior finishes in your house or commercial property. In certain climates, patio cover installation or overhangs have proven effective, as homeowners who have them have come to see that they could save up to 25% on their energy bills.

Pancho’s Roofing is a team that is capable to delivering retractable covers or overhangs that are very useful; they allow heat and light to come in during the winter, which otherwise would be blocked by the rigid cover. The good thing coming from retractable covers is that there is no need to remove them when winter comes.

Remember to install the cover the right way, otherwise it may fall and to start the lining of the wall of the house, in addition to damaging the outside, not to mention the damage it could cause if it falls over someone, we highly suggest the hiring of a professional, when patio cover installation is needed in your property.

Get started on making your outdoor areas more comfortable and inside cooling more efficient. Call right now and ask our cover installation services.