Common Causes of a Leaky Roof

Your roof is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your home. If we are being honest, just the thought of having to run up and down to find a bucket whenever it rains, sounds a bit stressful right? Tragically there are some of us caught in this cycle because our roof has a leak. Roofing issues mean that you need to invest both time and money- at Pancho’s Roofing we want to help you in that investment by exploring what the most common causes to roof leaks are and what you need to do to repair it.

One of the first most common causes of a roof leak is definitely a cracked flashing. The flashing is the thin piece of metal that is installed under shingled and on the joints of your roof. Sometimes the tar used to seal your flashing will corrode then the cracking will occur, hence the leaking. To fix this particular issue, remove the damaged section and replace it with new flashing.

Furthermore, another common cause of a leaking roof is a valley that is not properly sealed. A valley is an area where two pieces come together and it can get damaged for reasons like excess rain.

Another common cause behind a roof leak is often a broken shingle. You can clearly identify missing shingles by simply looking over at your roof. You will be missing shingles due to extreme weather- weather like high winds or really heavy rain. To solve this issue what you need to do is to pull out the damaged shingle and then proceed to replace it with a brand new one.

Another reason may be that your vent booting is cracked or you may have ice dam buildup. Let’s Identify the issue with your roof and get it solved today in no time; call Pancho’s Roofing now.