Alternatives for waterproofing your metal roofing

Protecting the most important element in your household is crucial! Pancho’s Roofing is here to assist you with a couple of tips on how to enhance the life expectancy and performance of your metal roofing.

For this blog post we would like to bring to your attention what is waterproofing and what alternatives available are there to perform your metal roofing waterproofing. This is an essential maintenance you have to perform in order to have your rooftop running efficiently against harsh weather and other harming natural elements like mold and bacteria. 

Waterproofing can assist you to:

  • Prevent mold and humidity stains on your ceiling
  • Avoids the passageway for water
  • It prolongs the life of your construction
  • It prevents corrosion and rust and more. 

There are different types of sealants for metal roofing waterproofing; the most recommended are those of high quality and durability, like the ones mentioned bellow: 

  • Acrylics: They are manufactured based resins, pigments and ceramic micro components that can be used without primer membrane. It is applied on concrete, mortar, asbestos or galvanized sheet.
  • Elastic waterproof: a waterproof product that’s easy to apply on your rooftop, as well as flat roofs. It is easy to apply due that the paint that reflects sunlight and elasticity won’t crack and it is 100% waterproof. The elastic waterproof has the advantage of being ready for use, easy and quick to apply. It is an integrated system that does not need another product; it is economical, fast drying, and it requires no maintenance, and it has high resistance to heat and cold. It does not contain asbestos or asphalt –it is elastic, has good adhesion, and does not form a vapor barrier and is non-toxic, so it has a safe ingestion label.
  • Asphaltic: With a wide range of options, flexible waterproofing systems integrate various climates, structures and resistance. They are 100% waterproof, with excellent adhesion that make them suitable for any surface exposed to weather. They offer high durability and are easy to apply and require virtually no maintenance. They are ecological and non-toxic! They are resistant to UV rays, but they can only be applied using polyester backing membrane. 

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